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Lupin Hill Elementary School is the home of a beautifully diverse community of learners. Each student and family bring a host of interests, talents and experiences - contributing to the school’s social and educational mosaic. As a community we work to support all students in adopting and exhibiting an attitude of appreciation, curiosity, fun, and excitement about the prospect of engaging in a strong and well-rounded liberal arts and studies program. Staff and families work together to assure students will learn to read critically, write persuasively, think and reason logically, solve complex problems, but also to have an informed connection to the importance of wellness and the arts. It is our collective goal to help students understand their individual strengths, ethical responsibilities, and the importance of lifelong learning, all of which are paramount in their contributions as informed citizens in our global society.
Students’ educational experience is enhanced by a well-rounded array of options as the platform upon which students can learn. Technology is accessible to all students on a one to one ratio. These vast tools support learning in reading, writing, math, arts, and sciences. In like ways, music and fine arts instruction link to brain connections that correlate to success in math and reading. All students access these amazing instructional supports at Lupin Hill.
Student voice is a significant aspect of school life. Our student government, student-centered collaboratives, teacher liaisons, and school leadership all work in unison to better the daily school experience for all children.
To minimize our global footprint, Lupin Hill is committed to green initiatives. Our school garden produces fruits and vegetables year-round. Students study the science of agriculture, climate, and the environment through our school’s garden program. Lupin Hill also works to be a “zero waste” school. Students learn about and are responsible for doing all they can to care for their school, community and world.
Lupin Hill is an amazing place to learn and grow!